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430 Lamarque Street, located in the heart of Old Mandeville, Louisiana | CONTACT US | DIRECTIONS


We appreciate your interest in our efforts here in Mandeville with the historic Dew Drop Jazz Hall and cherish your interest in keeping alive the legacy of traditional jazz as it was invented in New Orleans and expanded and refined at the Dew Drop.

We are a non-profit organization and we encourage your financial support as you see fit. If you would like to download a form to donate to the Friends of the Dew Drop, please click here. Click the button below to contribute:

Thank you so much for joining in support of the Dew Drop. Our current entry membership level is $50 per calendar year, for which we will thank you with an item such as a Dew Drop mug. At the $100 level, our thanks to you will be a Dew Drop print or a pair of lovely Dew Drop mugs.

As a member, you will be invited to special events such as the yearly visit by “the Brits” who bring a great show with Dr. Michael White, Greg Stafford along with other pillars of New Orleans jazz. You will also receive the Dew Drop email newsletter announcing all of our events.
Most of all, your donation helps in our efforts to preserve the Dew Drop hall, support local community causes, and provide educational events for musically interested of all ages.

For Paypal, please click the Donate button above, or send a check to:
Friends of the Dew Drop
P. O. Box 2018
Mandeville La 70470

If you do not contribute at this time, you are still invited to receive event notices by clicking below.

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